Monday, November 22, 2010

I am a Terrible Blogger!

I have been super busy with so many projects and with feeling yucky, that I have missed out on posting.  I'm feeling better, I'm still super busy with projects, but maybe I can rejoin the blogging world again.

So, here's my overdue Halloween pictures.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4th and Final!

Not a picture of me
Sorry, I posted this earlier on my private blog, but forgot to put it on the public blog.  Totally pregnancy head!

Yep!  We're preggo with number 4!  I'm 10 weeks and were super happy.

Was a little bit of a surprise, but definitely wanted.  We'd talked about another one, but were going to wait until after an Alaskan cruise with Gavin's family in June.  Well, good-bye cruise and hello shock!  It took me two months to believe that I was truly pregnant (as if the positive pregnancy test wasn't enough).

But I am so happy.  We're also happy to say that THIS IS IT from us.  I know my limits and I'm feel so privileged to have 4 children.  There was a point when I thought that two was all we would be able to have.  I always wanted a big family, and Gavin liked the idea of 4 kids.  We didn't think that it was possible for our family, so we feel truly blessed to be at this point.

I must say that I love this pregnancy for the mere fact that, for the first time in any pregnancy, I don't care what the sex of the baby is.  All I hear from people is, "So, are you hoping for a girl?" or "Maybe you'll get your girl."  Honestly,  I would be thrilled with a girl, but I feel that same about a boy.  I know that no matter who comes to our family that they are meant to be here and that our family will be complete.  Somehow, it doesn't seem to matter.  That being said...I am going to find out ASAP.  I don't want to be surprised.  I want to be prepared...especially if it's a girl.  E wants a girl, Gavin believes it's a girl, Gavin's mom swears it's a boy, all my family is rooting for a girl...and I'm just tired and nauseous. 

Luckily, I have names picked out.  Last time I had only a girl name picked and when I found out it was a boy...I went crazy trying to find a name.  Unfortunately for you, I'm not saying until we find out what the baby is.  Family knows and that's it for now.

So, like I said...I've been tired and nauseous.  It seems to be winding down a little.  But, whoever called it Morning Sickness, needs to get their head examined.  I feel fabulous in the morning.  Afternoon...Comme ci, comme ├žaEvening and night, total NIGHTMARE!  For those of you who know me, I am a complete night-owl.  Feeling sick at my favorite time of day sucks!  It's so not fair.  Why can't it be in the morning and then I can get over it and maybe even nap through it.  But no!  And the only thing that makes me feel not nauseous, is eating.  And that's REALLY healthy to eat late at night.  Also, I LOVE to drink water.  I hardly ever drink anything else, but if I drink too much as once I feel horrible.  All in all, I haven't thrown-up at all, so it hasn't been horrific.  It's hasn't been pleasant either.  About two more weeks, and it should be wrapping up.  I am so looking forward to the second trimester.

So there you have it.  Hooray for me!  May 28th here we come!